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As the name might suggest is help at the side of the road.


If your vehicle will not start or breaks down at or within ¼ of a mile of your home we will either repair it there or if that is not possible take it to the nearest suitable garage. Please note we will only cover the cost of a recovery up to 10 miles.

National Recovery

If we are unable to repair your vehicle at the roadside we will recover you to a garage of your choice, your destination, or home address (whichever is nearer).

Accident Recovery

We will arrange for your vehicle to be collected from the scene of the accident and towed to a safe destination. (You will need to provide us with your insurance name and policy number and we will recover the costs from your insurance or the third party directly. If you are at fault a FAULT claim will be recorded against your insurance policy).

Onward Travel

Transport for the driver and up to six passengers to your destination or your home address (whichever is nearer).

Unlimited Callouts

We offer unlimited callouts. Call us out as many times as you need to, as long as it's not a recurring problem with your vehicle.

Keys locked in car

If you lock your vehicle keys in the vehicle, we will pay the auto locksmith call-out charge. You’ll need to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle and a driving license.

Driver Illness / Injury

If you are unable to continue your journey due to illness or injury (a medical certificate will be required), provided none of your passengers are able to drive, we will provide an alternative driver to return the vehicle to your nominated destination. If you are unable to accompany your vehicle, we will provide alternative transport up to the value of £100.00 on a pay and claim basis.

Membership Features

No excesses or call out charges.

Cover anywhere throughout the United Kingdom.

Unlimited callouts.

Multilingual call center (Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and English).

Over 600 recovery agents Nationally.

BreakdownClub memberships cover the vehicle, not the individual, meaning whoever is driving the vehicle at the time of a breakdown is eligible to call us for assistance.

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