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Last updated: 30 October 2020


What is van insurance?

Van insurance covers you against the risks you face in being a van owner, just like car insurance. For example, van insurance can cover you if your van gets stolen, damaged, broken into, or if you have an accident.

Most of the time, vans aren’t covered by regular car insurance, especially if it’s a work van.

Just as with car insurance, you can choose how much cover you want. Some people want cheap van insurance so they choose third-party cover, which simply pays for damage to someone else’s vehicle.

Others prefer to get more cover rather than settling for the cheapest van insurance. They want to make sure the costs of damage to their own vehicle would be covered if they had an accident, too.

The best van insurance policies might even cover for other mishaps. This could include putting the wrong fuel in, losing your keys, or having the contents stolen. This could include tools or musical instruments.

How to get the right van insurance quote

When you’re looking for a van insurance quote, make sure you know exactly what policy you need before you start looking. Then you can do a proper van insurance comparison and get the best quotes from a range of insurance companies.

What level of cover should I choose when I insure my van?

Before you compare van insurance, think about what kind of cover you want.

There are three levels of van insurance, UK wide, that you can choose from.

The third-party only insurance covers injury to other people and damage to their property.

Third-party, fire, and theft insurance covers injury to other people and damage to their property. But it also covers your van if it’s damaged by fire or is stolen.

Fully comprehensive insurance covers you, your van, and anyone else involved in an accident. It also covers vandalism.

To decide which to go for, think about what type of van you have, what you use it for, and what you need from your insurance policy. Here’s some more information on how van insurance works.

Think about how you use your van

When you compare van insurance and get a quote, you’ll need to tell the insurance companies whether you use your van:

  • For commuting or social driving (you’ll be looking for cheap van insurance – private use)

  • As a sole trader (you’ll need to look for commercial van insurance)

  • As part of a business (if you’re an employee, check if the business has a company van insurance).

Complete our form to get quotes on business van insurance or van insurance for personal use.

What extras can I get?

When you’ve found cheap van insurance quotes, you might find that you’re offered some extras. You can include extra cover on your policy if you’d like added protection.

Examples of extras include:

  • Breakdown cover which means you’ll get help if your van breaks down

  • Legal cover which pays for your legal costs if you have an accident

  • Protected no claims discount which means you don’t lose your any claims discount even if you make a claim

  • Foreign use cover which gives protection if you drive your van abroad. If you drive to Europe regularly, it might be worth considering European van insurance.

Most insurers offer these extras. That’s because if you’re buying cheap van insurance, UK wide, the insurer wants you to spend a bit more money. But it’s down to you to decide which extras are worth spending on. Here’s how to work out which extras are worth having.

How do I know if my van is insured under my car insurance?

Most of the time, car and van insurance doesn’t come together. Although it’s worth a quick check, van insurance is usually a separate policy. A call to your car insurer should clear it up.

What information will I have to share to get van insurance?

When you compare van insurance you’ll probably be asked to answer a few questions. They’ll want to know about:

  • Your personal details

  • Your occupation

  • Your van number plate

  • What type of driving license you have

  • Your annual mileage

  • Any modifications your van’s had

  • Any claims you’ve made

  • Any points on your license

  • Any accidents you’ve had

  • Details of any additional drivers you want on the policy.


How to save on your van insurance

There are a few tips that can help you get cheap van insurance or pick up insurance.

  • Pay upfront in full: Insurers charge interest when you pay monthly, as they treat it like you’re getting a loan from them.

  • Choose a higher excess: It’ll cost more if you claim but it’ll bring your monthly payments down. Be careful to make sure you can afford to make a claim if you need to.

  • Cut any extras you don't need: This’ll help you to keep the cost down. You don’t need to over-cover yourself and have more insurance than you need.

  • Secure your vehicle: Tell your insurer about the security measures you’ve taken to keep your van safe, such as installing anti-theft equipment or parking in a garage.

  • Use your van less: If you agree to cap the amount you use your van, your insurer might give you a reduced van insurance quote.

  • Shop around: Doing a van insurance comparison will help you to make sure you’ve got the best deal available. Don’t auto-renew your insurance. The van insurer you currently have might not always offer you the best price. Loyalty doesn’t always pay

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