What is a breakdown ?

Breakdown explained in more detail.


Breakdown Club

How does breakdown cover work?

Breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement but it can make your life easier and take away stress when you're driving. If you break down, all you need to do is contact us. We’ll fix your vehicle by the roadside or tow you to a garage if it needs repairs.

As mentioned above, memberships are to be bought in advance. If you are unlucky enough to suffer a breakdown, and have a valid membership in place, making a claim is easy and straightforward.

With BreakdownClub, simply call our team on 07711 291910 who will take your membership details, and proceed to provide assistance and reassurance.

Breakdown Club
Breakdown Club

What cover do I need?

Breakdown memberships can be confusing and offer a perplexing myriad of options and benefits. Here at Breakdown Club we like to keep it simple. We offer 4 different levels of memberships, each distinct from the other, making it easy to identify which is right for you.

This ensures clarity, knowing what you are covered for, but also saves you money, ensuring that you are not paying for benefits or options that you do not require. You can compare the different membership types we offer here.

What is not breakdown cover ?

Breakdown memberships are not warranty products or typically to cover faults or breakdowns as a result of human error such as running out of fuel, leaving lights on or lost keys.

It is important that the details of memberships are read and understood prior to purchase to ensure you are covered for your specific needs. You can find our membership terms and conditions here.

Breakdown Club

Who is breakdown suitable for?

Breakdown cover is a type of cover that can help you out if your vehicle breaks down. For example when your car battery dies or your tyres puncture, breakdown cover can provide assistance so you and your vehicle won't be left stranded on the roadside.

In short anyone that drives a vehicle has a need for breakdown cover. As with most things in life, you do not realise you need something, until the time comes you need it most.

Breakdown is a prime example. Being prepared and having a membership in force will not only save you money when compared to one off call out charges and instantaneous memberships, but in the event of suffering a breakdown, can alleviate the associated stress and worry that comes with being stuck at the roadside or home.

Breakdown Advice

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Breakdown causes !

You never know when your car is going to develop a problem, but there are some common issues that lead to breaking down on the road.

Car Breakdown

What is breakdown?

If you breakdown from something such as a flat battery, breakdown cover assure that you wont be left stranded at the road side.

Mechanic's Garage

Prevent a breakdown !

We have put together a check list that you can follow to assure you have covered the basic factors that contribute to common breakdowns.


Looking to buy? Top questions about BreakdownClub cover

Do you cover me or the vehicle?
Membership covers the vehicle. This means that we provide assistance no matter who is driving the vehicle, as long as they are doing so legally and with your permission.
Is my caravan covered?
Yes - we cover caravans, campervans and trailers as well as cars, motorbikes and vans. That's as long as it's less than 3.5 tonnes (3,500kg) and 8ft 3in (2.55m) wide.
How many call-outs do I get?
We offer unlimitted callouts. Call us out as many times as you need to, as long as it's not a recurring problem with your vehicle.


Already with BreakdownClub?

How soon can I use my cover?
Your cover starts 48 hours after the start date you choose (which can be up to 30 days from when you buy).
Can I add a second vehicle?
Yes - And what`s more. We offer 40% DISCOUNT on aditional vehicles, just enter the code 2NDCAR40 at checkout
Does my membership expire?
BreakdownClub memberships have no expiry date. You can cancel your membership at any time without any cancellation fees or charges (after 6 months.

Breakdown Club